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Lift Consulting, LLC. | Madison, WI

Begin With The End In Mind | Succession Planning With Lift

What keeps you up at night?

If you're like many of our clients, you're likely passionate about your business. It's a representation of your life's work. However, now it's time to think about the next chapter in your life...retirement. 

  • Is my company worth anything?
  • Will anyone buy my company?

  • Who would be willing to buy my company?

  • How will my team be effected when I sell?

  • Is there anyone on my team ready to take over?

  • What if the economy tanks before I want to sell?

  • What will I do after I sell my company?
  • What will be my legacy

Our Mission

To guide privately held businesses through the succession process by assisting in the development and implementation of the succession plan.

Blind Spots

What are your blind-spots?

We all have them. The questions is do you know where they start and stop? Do you know what they are? When considering selling your business the first step to maximize your valuation is to determine what blind-spots you have within your organization so you can shore them up in time for your succession.

Our Process

We take a consultative approach to any engagement. Although organizations typically fall within two categories of those that know what they need and those that do not, our belief is prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. To ensure we are prescribing the right solutions for our clients’ needs we have developed a five-step process.

  • Consultation

    We start each engagement with an initial free consultation. The goal of this step is to ensure our process aligns with the goals of your organization. 

  • Evaluation

    We will evaluate your business on a project basis to provide a "succession readiness" factor. Items will evaluate include but are not limited to your people, processes, strategy, and technology.

  • Recommendation

    Upon completion of our evaluation, we will provide you a detailed roadmap with a set of recommendations to implement within your organization which may include but are not limited to our services. 

  • Transformation

    We work hand-in-hand with our clients over time to implement the recommendations provided. We do this by engaging with our clients in a long-term partnership billed on a retainer basis. 

  • Validation

    Return on investment should be top of mind for any organization. Throughout our partnership, we will set milestones to confirm the return of investment of our services and solutions implemented during our partnership. 

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