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Lift Consulting, LLC. | Madison, WI

Join us for our Organizational Excellence Leadership Workshop

Join us Thursday, October 4th from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. for a workshop focusing on organizational excellence for leaders

There are only 10 seats reserved for 

  • CXO's of organizations with >$1,000,000 in annual sales

  • CXO's of organizations with a sales force of individuals involved in the sales process

  • CXO's of organizations looking to scale and grow

  • CXO's with an abundance mentality looking to challenge the status quo of their organization

Leadership Blind Spots

We've identified 13 blind spots that leaders commonly struggle with. This workshop will focus on those blind spots and the antidotes to deploy in your organization. 


Key Takeaways

  • A plan to improve their team
    • Tactics to implement immediately
    • Long-term solutions to implement over time
  • Understanding the difference between company culture and sales culture
  • Overcoming leadership struggles and frustrations
  • Tactics to deploy when hiring your next professional
  • Best practices in leading your team 
  • Defining the type of sales cycle your company has
Why Should I Attend?

Typical Frustrations We Hear

  • My team is engaged in a lot of activity, but very little production comes from it
  • I am unsure of the best way to support my team
  • I want to foster a thriving culture, but I am unsure where to start
  • I hire professionals who have a history of high production but am let down by their level of production once hired
  • I have a good team in place, but I am unsure if they are in the right positions for their strengths

Organizational Excellence for Leadership Workshop Agenda

  • Housekeeping
  • Ice Breakers & Introductions
    • Who we are
    • What you're hoping to accomplish
  • Challenges facing all of the attendees
  • Blindspots: Review & Self-Assessments
  • Antidotes of the Blindspots
    • Develop custom antidotes to fit your organization
    • Create actionable roadmaps with definitive milestones for your organization
  • Review of Workshop & Wrap Up

"Lift Consulting originally provided a few of our employees with the Foundations and Sales Mastery Training. We found significant advancements in these employees confidence, leadership, and production. These employees naturally mentored, trained, and coached others on the sales process in an easy-to-comprehend and practice format. It empowered all who encouraged the program.

This success drove us to expand our relationship with LIFT and include other business lines. Our most successful relationship managers are finding opportunities to save them time, clarify the needs, and honor the client relationship in a whole new way.

Engaging with LIFT is assisting us to be more focused on what we measure and bring our business lines together to better serve our client relationships. The trainers have their own personal stories to share where they tripped and succeeded – these are immeasurable. Their depth and breadth of who their client base is added to the experience they can offer you. Furthermore, they challenge you to practice with them with honest feedback that feels better in this experimental space than in the field.

I highly recommend LIFT Consulting to any business or nonprofit looking to achieve more. LIFT can help you identify your blind spots and offer sophisticated options to address them."

-Kimberly Noyce

Learning & Development Manager, State Bank of Cross Plains


About Our Presenter

Matthew Pletzer is the Founder/CEO of Lift Consulting, LLC, a certified Sandler Training facility. In addition to Sandler Training, Lift Consulting, LLC works with organizations in four key areas: sales and leadership training, sales recruiting, structure and strategy development. Lift Consulting, LLC's team of trainers are dedicated to driving operational success with organizations through long-term sustainable growth.

Matthew’s unique ability to leverage his strengths and identify the strengths of his team are key attributes he was able to instill in his employees over the duration of his career.

Matthew has utilized many sales training regimens as a sales professional but finds Sandler to be the most effective. This has guided Matthew to pursuing a career leveraging Sandler Systems as a business owner with Lift Consulting, LLC.

Lift Consulting LLC, leverages Sandler Training through innovative and effective training in both public and private in-house training programs.

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This workshop will take place on Thursday, October 4th from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. We have limited it to 10 seats only. Don't wait to RSVP because when the seats are filled, this workshop will be closed. The investment for this workshop is two hours of your time and $100. 

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