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Lift Consulting, LLC. | Madison, WI

Negotiating for a Mutually Beneficial Outcome Work Shop

Wednesday, August 22nd 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Many individuals struggle with negotiation. Sometimes they give up more than they should or the inverse of perhaps taking more than they should from their client or prospect. In this work shop, we will be breaking down the conceptual barriers and providing our attendees with the tactical execution of negotiation. 

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Who would benefit from this Work Shop? Anyone who finds themselves in a position to negotiate.

  • Owners

  • Presidents

  • CPA's

  • Attorneys

  • Financial Advisors

  • Banking Professionals

  • Insurance Professionals

  • SaaS Sales Professionals

  • Real Estate Professionals

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What You Should Expect To Learn

  • Effective communication with your prospect based on their personality
  • Tactics you need to implement in order to negotiate successfully
  • Proper preparation for a negotiation
  • Techniques to follow when giving up something in a negotiation
  • What not to do in a negotiation
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Typical Frustrations With Negotiation

  • Giving too much or taking too much in the process
  • Lack of preparation for a negotiation
  • Consistent loss of ground in a negotiation without understanding why
  • Struggling to establish the right relationship to achieve a positive outcome
  • Approaching a negotiation without truly understanding who you're negotiating with


The investment in this workshop is three hours of your time and $100. Join us if you're looking to be challenged with your negotiation knowledge. We welcome anyone with any level of experience.

Matt Head Shot

Matthew Pletzer, CEO

Matthew Pletzer is the Founder/CEO of Lift Consulting, LLC, a certified Sandler Training facility. In addition to Sandler Training, Lift Consulting, LLC works with organizations in four key areas: sales and leadership training, sales recruiting, structure and strategy development. Lift Consulting, LLC's team of trainers are dedicated to driving operational success with organizations through long-term sustainable growth.

Matthew’s unique ability to leverage his strengths and identify the strengths of his team are key attributes he was able to instill in his employees over the duration of his career.

Matthew has utilized many sales training regimens as a sales professional but finds Sandler to be the most effective. This has guided Matthew to pursuing a career leveraging Sandler Systems as a business owner with Lift Consulting, LLC.

Lift Consulting LLC, leverages Sandler Training through innovative and effective training in both public and private in-house training programs.

Mitch Head Shot

Mitch Mostardi, Director of Sales

Mitch brings a wide range of sales experience to Lift Consulting, LLC from prior opportunities with large organizations in the factory automation and packaging industries. He found early success in his career in outside sales and employee mentorship programs. Mitch credits those who have supported him throughout his career and is passionate about helping others achieve professional success.

Throughout Mitch’s career he has had the opportunity to lead training sessions at corporate sales meetings and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a guest lecturer.


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If you're ready to hone your negotiation skills, this work shop will benefit you. Join us on Wednesday, August 22nd from 11:30 - 2:30. Lunch will be provided.

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