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Lift Consulting, LLC. | Madison, WI

Steve Aune

Everyone has a story that they tell themselves every day all day long about every area of their life. What stories are you telling yourself right now as you read this? Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about and then thought… “I should be thinking differently.”

Have you ever had someone say, “he/she is just a salesperson?”
How about “you are the salesperson, you work for me and will accommodate my schedule.”
There are sales people out there who fall into the traps where other people think we should be. Well, you have rights too.

You are where you are today not by accident, but by choice. You are getting paid today exactly how much you think you are worth. You are in relationships today exactly how you believe those relationships should be. You are as healthy as you believe you deserve to be. Your body weight and your physique are exactly how you see yourself. You are where you are today financially because of what you believe around money.

You have laid the groundwork for a great 2019. Your corporate/company did a retreat and you came up with a game plan to achieve your company goals. You took the time to have a meeting with your business development team and laid out what their goals/objectives are for the year. You gave a great speech and you were very motivational and inspiring. You really feel like this is the year that your team gets the job done.